Waldo Dynamics Airsoft Hi-Capa GBB Pistol “Ion” Nozzle Springs 140% Galaxy Purple 2 Pcs


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Waldo Dynamics Airsoft Hi-Capa GBB Pistol “Ion” Nozzle Spring 140% Galaxy Purple.

Experience unparalleled performance with Waldo Dynamics’ “Ion” Hi-Capa Nozzle Spring, with two springs per pack!

Crafted for reliability and coated in slick purple, this robust steel spring ensures consistent feeding for your airsoft pistols.

The Hi-Capa’s renowned high rate of fire in general skirmishes, IPSC tournaments, and Speedsoft demands a nozzle spring that can keep up with its cycle rate. After months of development and rigorous testing, our “Ion” Nozzle Spring offers the perfect balance of performance and durability, now available to you.

Featuring a unique flawless finish reminiscent of actual milspec springs, our Ion Nozzle Spring reduces friction for smooth cycling while adding a sleek and stylish appearance.

Please note that the strength of the spring isn’t necessarily indicative of its suitability for your platform, as factors like climate and build type may vary. Each package includes 2 nozzle springs, ensuring you always have backup.

Elevate your airsoft experience today with Waldo Dynamics’ “Ion” Hi-Capa Nozzle Spring

Compatible with: various Hi-Capa and 1911 models from TM, WE, Vorsk/Raven, and Army Armament, our nozzle springs are the ideal upgrade for discerning airsoft enthusiasts.

*Professional installation by experienced airsoft technicians is recommended for optimal performance.

You can find all available Hi-Capa parts HERE.

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Weight0.01 kg
Dimensions18 × 10 × 1 cm

Waldo Dynamics


Spring Steel



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