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GEOFFS™ Airsoft SUPER PRECISION™ BBs 0.48g 1000 White Heavyweight Sniper BBs

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Weight0.53 kg
Dimensions17 × 12 × 2 cm




BB Weight


BB Size

5.95mm +/- 0.01mm, 6mm

3 reviews for ***PRE ORDER*** GEOFFS™ SUPER PRECISION™ BBs 0.48g 1000 White


    The best BB I have experienced in my rifles so far and I have tried several brands and weights, from .43 to .50s. Absolutely love them!

    Thomas Denton

    Marvellous. I use a largely stock Cyma 702 as a backyard plinker, it shoots around 480fps with .20g BBs. I had been using Accuracy International .40g BBs and getting 4-5 inch groups at 18m with a nasty flyer every 5 shots or so. Tried these .48g Geoffs and the group sizes dropped to 2-3 inches with far fewer flyers and even those that did break from the grouping still landed close enough to be effective on an airsoft field. Pushing it out to 60m I was getting constant human torso size groups. From a cheap gun with a 6.08mm inner that’s pretty awesome. I was worried that the gun might stuggle with the heavier weight but they’re hopping fine and the effective range has definitely increased with the accuracy gain. It makes me wanna stick a tight bore inner barrel in the thing and see what they can really do.


    Mine arrived today. Wow. I’ve been sniping for well over a decade and I’ve used many different brands in that time, including those that rhyme with Shmadbull, ShmASG, Shmbbking and Shmlongbow.

    Geoffs wins every time. For Consistency, quality, strength and finish, you can’t beat them.

    I’ve used Geoffs over the years but now that I’m more “seasoned”, I’ve come to the conclusion these are the ones to get.
    I’ve been running a heavily modified Type 96 Maruzen (What Well copied for the MB01 and Novritsch for the SSG96) for nearly all of those years and as of right now, with a ML MR Hop, AP Hop, Madbull 6.03 Barrel, Laylax piston and firing at 500-510 FPS, easily reaching 90-100m accurately.
    At 90m I can easily hit a Torso and on a non windy day, a plump airsofters head.
    Geoffs will always be my “go to” BB.

    Hope to see you at Close Action soon!

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